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GlobalChange Cryptocurrency

The first true digital cash:
"NFTs" with face values

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.57.20 PM.png

Get GC by giving money to independent nonprofits
1GC face value costs current USD
CPI/300, so about 1:1 in 2022

Self-mint bills and coins reflecting how much you give to nonprofits

Fully distributed - no central authority

Bills are generic or, randomly, can acquire additional crowdsourced Special Edition NFT art

Here is the initial list of nonprofits: they all publicly list a Stellar Lumens account and do not need a special "memo" to receive funds.

Interested in participating as a nonprofit, and receiving gifts? Just put a Stellar Lumens wallet ID on your website and follow the instructions in the Whitepaper.





What happens if
we adopt
the first
true digital cash
by sending our fiat
to nonprofits?
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