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We're still getting up and running! Can you help?

(more about me here)

Thanks for your message!

If you would like to develop GlobalChange automated apps - wallets, bill visualizers, etc. - in any language ... you can do so following the Whitepaper. You are free, I suppose, to include a fee to end-users back to yourself, for using your app. 

Some people have said cryptocurrency is like a pyramid scheme. If so, then independent nonprofit charities are at the top of this particular pyramid scheme, getting something for nothing. And you, dear potential developer, can also benefit, if you can make a great UI that people don't mind paying you to use. Any automated UI is probably better for people than following the steps manually, like in the Whitepaper or the videos on this page!

Feel free to use anything on the Resources tab, or the GitHub.

Let me know if I can help, if you run into any questions, etc.


I'll be happy to post any good projects developing wallets here.

Be in touch!

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