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Only proceed if you accept responsibility for your own actions, including sending money or messages to any other person or entity. The information in the Whitepaper and videos is not intended for use for anyone who would come back to blame the author of this Whitepaper for anything at all, ever, in any way, shape, or form. Proceed at your own risk, and only take actions that you think are good ideas and that you stand behind.

Videos below show how to create a GC bill "manually" - without new software or automation. A bill like this one:


Mining new GC, costly cryptocurrency without Proof of Work, on Stellar Lumens 


Minting individual pieces of digital cash


Determining a new bill's art's scarcity level


Finding which specific piece of art of a given scarcity level goes with a particular bill


Layering art onto bills


Sending cash and overview of validating received cash 

GC is permissionless.

The current website, however, is under an individual's control.


In case of doubt, look in the Stellar Lumens accounts of nonprofits that accept Stellar Lumens as of early 2022 for a unique description (SHA256 hash) of a definitive "first draft" of the Whitepaper, as well as links to that whitepaper. You can confirm you are looking at what is pointed to there by checking the SHA256 hash of the "Whitepaper" file you are reading.

I am not "in charge."

I am not taking anyone's money.


I am not selling anything. 


I am not "issuing tokens."


You can go give your money to independent nonprofits, if you want, and declare that you have done so on a blockchain, and maybe other people will accept your newly minted tokens as valid. But don't blame me if something goes wrong! I am not taking your money; I am just writing down what seems like a good idea if people do it.

If you are thinking about mining GC expecting to turn a profit ... just remember that anyone else can also mine GC, for a fixed opportunity cost. So, why would they buy GC from you for more than you paid, in terms of CPI baskets? GC's face values are designed to cost a stable amount.

So - overall - don't do anything just because I say so, or appear to say so, on this website or anywhere else. As a permissionless, decentralized, and relatively trustless system, GC is intended to work when independent people think through and audit their own actions. I'd say, only go and do anything like sending money or messages if you think it is a good idea for you to do so (and at the least won't come blame me if something doesn't work out!)

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